Your First Class is on Us

STRENGTH TRAINING is beneficial for everyone!  But we know sometimes people need convincing of this…  We also know you’re so much more likely to enjoy it and stick to it when it’s as part of a supportive community too.  So to help you make that first step your first TRIAL CLASS IS FREE.  There’s nothing to lose, but there is a really high risk you might actually love it and change your life.

What are our 'crossfit' classes?

Highly varied, functional training classes which helps you to build strength and conditioning, whilst also teaching you movement skills.  Typically, we will start with strength work and finish with a more energy intense WOD.


Who is Crossfit for?

LITERALLY ANYBODY…  Seriously!  If you think you aren’t fit enough – you are wrong.  Too old?  Wrong…  Prevented because of injury?  Wrong.  Whilst you can progress to perform impressive feats of strength and skill, everything can be ‘scaled’ back to suit the ability of the individual.  It is common in our classes to see 10 people following the same workout structure but each doing a slightly different exercise variation to suit their individual situation.  We love this.. We encourage this.. Do your thing and let others do theirs ✌️

How does 'open gym' work?

You can come in and do your thing.  As a member, you will have access to our daily programming and so can follow that, or, just whatever else you feel like.  There may be Trainers around who will be happy to help if you need it.  Also, you’ll soon realise that CrossFit is super community based and you may end up taking some advice from other members – or even giving some.  Either way – Come in, grab a coffee and throw some weight around with us.

What are our 'crossfit conditioning' classes?

Aimed at building your engine.  Weights prescribed are lighter, meaning we can perform far more reps for longer time.  You are likely to see more classic ‘cardio’ exercises too (running, rowing etc.).  As with all our classes, everything can be substituted so if you’re not a fan of running you can still turn up and jump on the air-bike instead, for example.

How do I book on for classes or open gym?

If you are a member you can use our app which you will have on your phone.  You can also use our website.

If you are a ‘drop-in’ you can book via our website once you pay the drop-in fee, or, via Wodify if you already use the app.

Just contact us if you have any questions 🙂

CrossFit Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is an ‘early-development’ sport, it’s true.  But having a solid foundation of body weight strength and control is not to be under-estimated.  Because of the skill element involved in learning gymnastics (and yes, most of us CrossFitter’s are learning it for the first time in our 20’s,30 or 40’s upwards), it’s best to dedicate a class to this where we’re not overly fatigued by weight training or so stressed by the panic of a fast-paced workout.  This is your opportunity to listen, learn, discuss, try, fail, try again, and ultimately improve… Don’t worry though, it’s still a killer workout and gets you super strong and lean if performed consistently.  An absolute staple for anyone who wants to be seriously good at CrossFit style fitness comps too!

What's the Membership commitment?

Quite simply – NONE.  Book in for your first FREE CLASS now.  After that, if you want to become a member it’s just a rolling monthly price with no contract or joining fee.  You can also drop-in for a small fee even if you are not a member.

I have specific circumstances i'd like to discuss

That’s no problem.  We love and celebrate individuality.  Just use the form below to start a conversation with us and someone will get back to you to discuss whatever you need.

Why is crossfit more expensive than a lot of gyms?

It comes down to value.  If you’re not healthy, happy, strong, learning and loving training then a £40 gym is still a waste of money.  However, pay a bit more for quality coaching and a unique community environment and it’s worth every penny.

CrossFit – Fit For Life