A relaxed class where you will learn all the basics.  Practice the weightlifting and gymnastics needed to join a class with one of our coaches – your journey starts here.


High-intensity, constantly varied, funtional fitness classes.  Develop Strength, Endurance, Speed and Movement in a coached and supportive community.


A bodyweight based class.  Master your own movement, work with our coaches and have plenty of time to practice – Handstands, Single Leg Squats, Muscle-Ups…  they all start with the basics.


Build your engine.  These classes focus less on top end strength and more on lower intensity endurance – running, rowing, ski-erg, &, skipping often feature, as do weights but with higher reps/lower rest…  as with all our classes, you can swap out anything you’re not comfortable with.


CrossFit classes designed to be completed in teams.  One of the best thinsg about CrossFit is the community and in these Team WODs you’ll work together for a seriously rewarding workout.


For 13-16 year olds we run CrossFit TEENS – strengthening, fitness, movement quality, nutrition education.  Still loads of fun but we start to coach them to improve in specific areas.

For Under-13’s we have CrossFit KIDS – much more about fun and participation.  We guide their discovery of principle movements and teach them to love taking part in exercise and learning to work with others.