CROSSFIT BRACKNELL - CrossFitMetcon (AMRAP - Rounds)Partner Workout: P1: 4 deadlifts (60/40kg) 3 hang power cleans 2 front squat 1 stoh WHILST, P2: 200m RunTime Cap: 20:00 Record number of complete rounds.


CROSSFIT BRACKNELL - Open GymHang Power Snatch (EMOM 20:00 2reps@60%+)Record Top Set.Metcon (Time)5 RFT: 3 Rope Climbs 5 HSPU 7 Burpee Box Overs

Why Weightlifting?

Why Weightlifting?

STRENGTH is a very valuable attribute and often one that is lacking in the average person that walks into a CrossFit box - but thankfully it's often vastly increased in those people when they walk out 😉 THE BARBELL is one of the most valuable tools available to us to...


CROSSFIT BRACKNELL - CrossFitSnatch (3/3/3/2/2/1)Record Top SetCrossFit Games Open 19.4 (Ages 16-54) (AMRAP - Reps)3 rounds of: 10 snatches 95lb/65lb 12 bar-facing burpees Then, rest 3 minutes before continuing with: 3 rounds of: 10 bar muscle-ups 12 bar-facing...

2.3 (Conditioning)

CROSSFIT BRACKNELL - CrossFit3-Pos Power Clean + Power Jerk (3/3/2/2/1)Perform a Power Clean from High Hang, At The Knee, From The Floor; then; perform a Power Jerk.Start Light and only move up after perfect set. Record Top SetMetcon (Time)5 Total Rnds with descending...


CROSSFIT BRACKNELL - Open GymBack Squat (5x3@65/70/75/80/85%)Record Top Set.Metcon (No Measure)20:00 EMOM - 4 Rope Climbs - 10/15 cal row/ski - 10 Alt DB Snatch - 10 T2B - 5 Box Jumps


CROSSFIT BRACKNELL - CrossFitView Public WhiteboardHip Hinge Prep (No Measure)10/10 Thread the Needle and Reach for Sky 10 Glute Bridges 10/10 Wrist Rolls PVC Deadlft Set-Up & PracticeDeadlift (5x5)Increase weight each set. Record Top Set.Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and...


CROSSFIT BRACKNELL - CrossFitCardio Warm-Up (No Measure)2 Rnds + row or ski 30cal, or air bike 20cal + run 400mBench Press (5x5@60/65/70/75/80)Record Top SetPendlay Row (5x5@60/65/70/75/80)Record Top Set.Metcon (Time)3Rnds For Time: 27 Wall Ball Shots 27 T2B 27 DU

Hello Bracknell!

Wow - what a decade this town has seen... and now another milestone in it's history with it's first and long overdue CrossFit® box!! We're so excited to join the impressive CrossFit community that's already in the surrounding areas and we hope we can bring a little...


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