Social Distancing 2.1 (Week 2, Day 1)

CROSSFIT BRACKNELL - CrossFitView Public WhiteboardWarm-up (No Measure)3:00 Skipping 10 Push Ups 2:00 Skipping 15 Push Ups 1:00 Skipping 20 Push Ups Then, 20 Leg Swings (Front to back)Metcon (No Measure)Every 3:00 For 30:00 10 burpees 10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls...

Common CrossFit® Misconceptions

Common CrossFit® Misconceptions

Written By CROSSFIT BRACKNELL Member Isabel Deacon (@izzydeacon)‘Isn’t CrossFit® just for fit people to get even fitter?! When it comes to CrossFit®, it’s not unusual for people to think ‘I’m not fit enough for it’.  If all you’ve seen is the CrossFit® games, or,...

Alice’s Birthday WOD [4.3.20]

CROSSFIT BRACKNELL - CrossFitView Public WhiteboardMetcon (Weight)AMRAP18 4 Squat Cleans (pick your weight) 3 STOH 2 Bar Over Burpees 20 squat Jumps 18 Ab-Mat SitupsScore is No. of Complete rounds X weight on barbell. For women, also multiply that final number by 1.3.


CROSSFIT BRACKNELL - CrossFitView Public WhiteboardClean (3/3/3/3/3@65/70/75/80/85%)Record top setMetcon (Time)4RFT: 6 Thrusters (43/30) 8 OH Plate lunges (10/5) 10 Push Ups 12 Pull Ups


CROSSFIT BRACKNELL - CrossFitView Public WhiteboardMetcon (AMRAP - Reps)Partner WOD (AMRAP30) 600m Wall Ball Run (1 ball between the pair) 100 Wall Balls 40 Snatch (62/43kg) 60 Bar Over Burpees 40 C+J (62/43kg)


CROSSFIT BRACKNELL - CrossFitView Public WhiteboardWarm-up (No Measure)3:00 Accumulate controlled RING SUPPORT. Then, 2 Rnds: 10 Light Power Cleans 10 Bar Facing BurpeesBench Press (20:00 to Build to a 3RM)Metcon (Time)21-15-9 Power Cleans (52.5/35kg) 7-5-3 Muscle Ups


CROSSFIT BRACKNELL - CrossFitMetcon (AMRAP - Rounds)Partner Workout: P1: 4 deadlifts (60/40kg) 3 hang power cleans 2 front squat 1 stoh WHILST, P2: 200m RunTime Cap: 20:00 Record number of complete rounds.


CROSSFIT BRACKNELL - Open GymHang Power Snatch (EMOM 20:00 2reps@60%+)Record Top Set.Metcon (Time)5 RFT: 3 Rope Climbs 5 HSPU 7 Burpee Box Overs

Why Weightlifting?

Why Weightlifting?

STRENGTH is a very valuable attribute and often one that is lacking in the average person that walks into a CrossFit box - but thankfully it's often vastly increased in those people when they walk out 😉 THE BARBELL is one of the most valuable tools available to us to...


CROSSFIT BRACKNELL - CrossFitSnatch (3/3/3/2/2/1)Record Top SetCrossFit Games Open 19.4 (Ages 16-54) (AMRAP - Reps)3 rounds of: 10 snatches 95lb/65lb 12 bar-facing burpees Then, rest 3 minutes before continuing with: 3 rounds of: 10 bar muscle-ups 12 bar-facing...


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