Saturday’s announcement by @borisjohnsonuk, sees gyms in England included in the lockdown measures and we will be closing their doors for a month from Thursday.

We don’t agree, we know we are safe but we will follow this request to help reduce the spread of Covid.

We hope this will be just one month but even that could be devastating to the industry so we ask again, if you can afford to, please support your gym by keeping that membership so we can still be here when we are back at the start of December! #standbyyourgym #gymsaresafe #exerciseismedicine #independentgymsuk 

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Of course, if you are experiencing financial hardship because of the lockdown please contact us and we will suspend or cancel your membership.


Programming will be available through the app with the addition of Bodyweight only workouts for those with no kit.  Continue to record your results and make sure you are still pushing your progress. 

We will also be launching a weekly ‘Tight Tekkers’ challenge where everyone can work towards making maximum progress on a specific CrossFit technical skill.  Check the separate post for more info.

As we look to keeping our health & fitness momentum going through the next 4 weeks, training buddies can be invaluable.  Please feel free to use the WhatsApp group chat (message Andy on 07583 99 89 69 if you want to be added) if you want to throw out an invite for a meet up in pairs…  Ideas already are bike rides (both in Swinley and on roads, Athletics Track, Pull-Up Bars at the gym but whatever you need – it might just be a friendly ear for a coffee and a chat whilst you walk and you might be surprised how many others would be up for the same.  We’re all here for each other #StrongerTogether.