We were open just a few months as a new business before we went into the first lockdown….  We had under 40 members and things looked worrying.

Almost all our members stayed with us and kept us afloat.  For this we cannot say how thankful we are!

Throughout Lockdown we all got fitter, friendlier and fiercer in our appetite to be the best version of ourselves.

Post lockdown we boomed and are now at almost 100 members –  You guys fucking rock! (I hope you can all forgive the language in this instance)

We are absolutely confident that we will all get stronger as a community throughout this 2nd lockdown – and the stronger our community the stronger we are individually.  We will leave no-one behind and anyone who needs support can always contact me directly.

It will soon be December and we will soon be back in throwing down and doing what we love….  It won’t be much longer beyond that we will all be staving off the Christmas Belly’s and looking to a fresh and fit new year.