How many of you have been frustrated that you’ve not had the skills in a class that you wish you had? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋

We all love a heavy barbell and a sweaty metcon, but having the skills to do those things justice takes more than just ‘training’, it takes ‘PRACTICE’!

Good practice means repetition at things which are appropriate for you current level without excessive pressures.

The gymnastics skills in CrossFit are great because they require virtually no equipment and are super fun to play with once you get going.  They have the surprising(?) benefit of making you stronger too since they often iron out muscular imbalances, undesirable movement patterns and they give you really robust core and joint control.

Starting Thursday, I will be launching a weekly skill challenge where we can all work on getting ‘Tight Tekkers’…  Week 1 we will be starting with DOUBLE UNDERS so make sure you have a skipping rope by then!

We will pick the best progressors each week and they will get FREE MERCH!

EVERYONE can benefit from this because scaling options means even if you can’t do a single under now you can still make relative progress and take the win, equally if you’ve already got 30 unbroken DU’s there is still room to get your 50 – and then how quickly can you do those!!

The weeks Tight Tekkers challenges will be:

Week 1 – Double Unders*

*This is the only one you need equipment for and we can loan ropes out.

Week 2 – Pistol Squats

Week 3 – Handstands

Week 4 – L-Sits