We’re stoked at the response to all the changes at the box since Lockdown 1!  However, we are far from finished!!!

We have big plans to make the box the most welcoming, fun, pumping place for you to come and workout, hangout, stretch out or just grab a coffee and talk.

Over the next 4 weeks we’re going to be working hard to get the box finished so we can launch back into training with no distractions and hit December – and the New Year – as hard as we want.

Some of the jobs on the list are:

  • Flooring – Rubber matting to be standardised and secured, and, Lifting Platforms Secured in Place.
  • Cafe – Finishing the cafe to sell a full range of coffee, protein shakes, smoothies and grab and go foods like high protein toasties.
  • Merch – a lot of you have already seen me playing with various printing solutions and suppliers.  We are almost at the result we want and we will soon be splashing the merch – some will be going free to winners of the tight tekkers challenges!
  • Extra Classes – when we re-open, it will be with ore classes than ever!  Extra evening classes to accomodate the busy 6pm crowd, as well as extra coaches  which are already confirmed.