TODAY we are encouraged to install the NHS Covid-19 App in England & Wales.  It takes just a couple of minutes and will help identify those at risk of carrying the virus.  Identifying the risk early will enable us to minimise any impact to the rest of our CrossFit community and enable the majority of us to keep training as much as possible – and we know, the fitter and healthier we are, the less we have to worry about complications from Covid should we get it.

The app install takes seconds and the same time again to just open it and give it relevant permissions (so that it can track and trace your movements/interactions with the Virus).  JUST CLICK YOUR PLATFORM BELOW:

We are still in a lower risk area compared to the rest of the country – however, cases are increasing rapidly here (as they are everywhere!).  Our kit & hand sanitisation and the fact that we all have adequate space to work is really good, but adding this extra precaution may keep the virus out of the box completely and that means more training for more people and for longer.

The app works really simply and utilises the in-built technology on the Apple or Google platforms.  Below are the simple steps it takes:

Any questions, comments or problems, just give us a shout! 

Thanks for continuing to be such an awesome community and we’ll see you in the box for more of the good stuff