Written By CROSSFIT BRACKNELL Member Isabel Deacon (@izzydeacon)

‘Isn’t CrossFit® just for fit people to get even fitter?!

When it comes to CrossFit®, it’s not unusual for people to think ‘I’m not fit enough for it’.  If all you’ve seen is the CrossFit® games, or, influencers on Instagram, then it’s easy to see how people arrive at this conclusion – However, it’s far from the truth.

When you come to a CrossFit® class you’re guaranteed to see ‘athletes’ (that’s what we call all our members no matter what their experience) all performing different movements, despite doing the same workout – this is down to the scalability of the exercises. Every movement includes variations, for example, if a beginner is unable to perform a strict pull up they can scale the movement to jumping pull ups, or even resistance band pull ups, even a simple row movement with a light dumbbell if you’re really new to things. Or, if a weight or rep count is too high – no problem, just use a lighter weight or lower the reps. In other environments this may be considered by some as cheating or taking the easy option, but we know that by making the workouts achievable within the intended timeframe, our athletes will progress much faster and with fewer injuries.

Also, as a beginner, what better place to learn how to perform lifts and movements than in a CrossFit® gym? With sessions from our experienced and qualified Coaches, you’ll learn all the correct techniques and continuously smash your PB’s! Don’t let that missing 6 pack or lack of weightlifting experiencing stop you from joining and treating your body to the health and fitness it wants and deserves…  and remember, we were all beginners once.

‘As a woman, will CrossFit® make me bulky’

Woman often watch the elite athletes at the CrossFit® games and assume that if they do CrossFit® they will gain their physique. Let me repeat that – these women are ELITE ATHLETES, and they make up less than 1% of the CrossFit® population. Just like any other professional sport, CrossFitters at the elite level train for hours a day and have likely done so for many, many years. Even then, only the very elite few become big and strong enough to compete at the top. So the chances of you getting bulky from doing CrossFit is actually very slim *pardon the pun*.

That said, there is nothing wrong with gaining muscle, and in turn you will lose fat – and who doesn’t love feeling strong and lean? Social media and marketing have led to ‘skinny’ being the ideal body type, however just gaining a little bit of muscle has so many benefits such as better posture and faster metabolism to help maintain weight, so why be afraid of it?

You won’t accidentally become ‘bulky’ overnight. And once you start CrossFit® I’m sure you too will fall in love with seeing the changes in your physique. 

‘If you do CrossFit®, you have to put lots of time and effort into it’

Like anything, putting maximal time and effort into something will provide faster results. However, we understand that this isn’t always possible alongside a busy schedule, and it isn’t always necessary. Here at CROSSFIT BRACKNELL®, we offer a once-a-week membership at reduced monthly price of £32. This suits those who want to join but may not be able to commit to more than one class per week. But don’t worry, you’ll still be able to feel the benefits of CrossFit® – especially as those classes are intense 1-hour workouts.  

Also, the education you gain from being in our environment, even once a week, will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to train better anywhere – we actively encourage you to be fit and healthy no matter where or what that takes…  And so, if you do once a week with us and then a few days a week in your garage or at a work gym, we love that!

Our only concerns for our members are your performances and achievements inside the gym. What you get up to outside of that is still completely up to you. No strict diet plans. No restrictions on going out and having a few drinks on the weekend. CrossFit® doesn’t have to consume your life. joining a CrossFit® gym doesn’t mean you have to train like an elite athlete, a majority of our current members use CrossFit® as a means of fun, recreational fitness. So, don’t be worried by any sacrifices you might think you have to make, we assure you there are none – but plenty of things to be gained!

‘CrossFit® is expensive’

Many people will compare our membership prices to the membership prices they pay at their gym and think… ‘HOW MUCH?’ – let me explain. Despite a CrossFit® gym being, well… a gym, it’s not really comparable to the gym you may currently be a member at. At CrossFit® Bracknell our prices don’t just give you access to our box, it gives you access to a supportive fitness community and the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Our current price is £80 per month for adults. This price gives you unlimited access to all our CrossFit® classes and open gym sessions. For someone who attends three classes a week, that equivalates to only £6.70 per class. Compare this to other prices for small group training – doesn’t seem so expensive now, does it?

Our membership also doesn’t limit you to CrossFit® either, our box is a great environment for both Olympic and Power lifting too.

Our coaches are highly qualified/experienced and support you to become the best version of you.  We want you to live an active lifestyle and we aim to support you in achieving this for the long-term.

‘You must have a sporting background to join CrossFit®’

Absolutely not. Just like you don’t need to be ‘in good shape’ to join, you also don’t need any experience within sport. The one requirement we have when joining our CrossFit® gym is the shared value of wanting to be the best version of yourself. And whether you have years of sporting experience, or your starting from the beginning, simply doesn’t matter.

Despite those with sporting backgrounds being naturally more drawn to the challenge of CrossFit®, this doesn’t subject them as the only people who can do CrossFit® too. Having a sporting background also doesn’t guarantee an advantage within CrossFit®, so don’t be put off at the thought of training with a few ex athletes.

Every CrossFit® gym will have members who had no knowledge or experience prior to joining, and remember, it’s never too late to start.

‘CrossFit® isn’t offering me anything different to the other gyms I’ve looked at’

You may think, ‘why would I join a CrossFit® gym when I could do all these exercises and workouts at the gym I’m already a member at’. Well, whilst this is partially true, you’d actually be missing out on a huge aspect of what you’d find at a CrossFit® gym, which is the motivation and encouragement from other members and instructors as well as the supportive, community environment which allows you to push yourself past your limits and achieve even more than you thought was possible.

To add to that, the constantly varied exercises and workouts, the high level of experience in our coaching staff, the huge global community you join (which includes an awesome fun annual competition called ‘The Open’), the intensity levels you reach because of all of the above and the fact that we know better than to ‘distract’ our members with a tonne of fancy kit when we know what yields the best results is to master the basics.

If you want to see proof of this, you really do just need to look around…  How many hundreds/thousands of people do you see that have been members at gyms for years and never really made any meaningful change to their lives – They are never happy with their bodies, never really got on top of the health issues they joined for, or despite a PT ad 5 x a week attendance, still haven’t mastered pull-ups or push-ups? By contrast, check out the local CrossFitters or read some case studies on-line.  CF Athletes tend to get impressive physique results, have health and life changing experiences and end up mastering movements they never even dreamed of (forget pull-ups, start thinking muscle-ups).  [keep an eye out for my next blog which will put the spotlight on a few CrossFit case studies and how it’s changed people’s lives].